Τετάρτη, 22 Ιουνίου 2011

Girl, interrupted

-Did they find Lisa?
-I couIdn't stand up to her.
A decent person wouId
have done something. 
Shut her up. 
Gone upstairs.  
TaIked to Daisy.
MeIvin said you went upstairs.
-Too Iate.
What wouId you have said to her?
-I don't know.               
That I was sorry.                  
That I'II never know what
it was Iike to be her.                       
But I know what it's Iike
to wanna die.                 
How it hurts to smiIe.                     
How you try to fit in,
but you can't.                  
How you hurt yourseIf
on the outside...                 
...to try to kiII the thing
on the inside.

Have you ever confused
a dream with life?                   
Or stolen something
when you have the cash?                   
Have you ever been blue?                   
Or thought your train moving
while sitting still?                   
Maybe l was just crazy.                   
Maybe it was the ’70 s.
Or maybe l was just a girl...                   
... interrupted.


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